FSE 2014
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Over the past decade, Internet has fundamentally altered the landscape of how software is designed, developed and used. Internet-based software communities eliminate the boundaries between software developers, testers and users, and attract different kinds of stakeholders to collaborate together for crowd-based software development, such as Free-Libra and/or open source software (OSS) development (e.g., Linux Kernel, Mozilla Firefox, and huge amount of OSS projects hosted on Sourceforge and Github), programming knowledge exchanging and usage information sharing (e.g., StackOverflow, Softpedia, OsChina). All these have had profound impacts on current software engineering theories and technologies. It's important to understand how crowd-based paradigm is developed to produce high quality software. How to take full advantages of the crowd-generated content for creative software design and trustworthy software development, poses new challenges as well as opportunities for the software technologies in Internet era.

This workshop calls for the papers addressing the crowd-based software development methods and technologies: (1) the observations revealed from the data in the different kinds of software communities such as Linux Kernel, Mozilla Firefox, SourceForge, Github, StackOverflow, OsChina, etc., and (2) the novel software development paradigms, models, technologies and tools, to give better support for the collaborative software development and resource sharing in the crowd-based software development paradigm.